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Modern Cultural Relics
  • MiG-15 Fighter: An “Eagle” Piloted by the Hero Wang Hai

  • “Merit”: The First Tank in the PLA’s Armored Force

  • P-51 “Mustang” Fighter

  • Dongfeng-1: China’s First-generation Ground-to-ground Missile

  • HQ-2 Ground-to-air Missile

  • No. 215 Tank: “People’s Hero Tank” in the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea

  • Soviet Union-made T-62 Medium Tank: A Capture in the Chinese Self-defense Battle Against Soviet Union at the Zhenbao Island

  • The Remains of a US U-2 High-altitude Reconnaissance Aircraft Brought down by the PLA Air Force

  • The Eternal Radio Wave: Transceiver-repairing Tools used by the Martyr Li Bai

  • Cruiser Chongqing’s Name Plates Shining with a Glorious History

  • A Bunch of Keys to City Gates of Beiping (Today’s Beijing)

  • The Order to Annihilate the Troops under Du Yuming’s Command, Issued by East China Field Army