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Exhibition Hall of the War of Liberation of China

  Located in the east part of the second floor of the exhibition building, the Exhibition of the War of Liberation of China presents the War of Liberation of China launched by the Chinese people and the PLA under the leadership of the CPC between 1945 and 1949 on the Kuomintang regime. The exhibition recaptures how the Chinese people and the PLA overthrew the Kuomintang rule, won the New-democratic Revolution and founded the People’s Republic of China. The Exhibition of the War of Liberation of China was removed in May 2012 when the reinforcement and renovation project of the building began.



  The exhibition is composed of five parts, namely “Striving for Peace and Democracy and Preparing for a Civil War”, “Strategic Defense”, “Strategic Offensive”, “Decisive Strategic Engagement” and “Strategic Pursuit”. The exhibition illustrates the superb military command of Mao Zedong and other revolutionary leaders, and recaptures how the PLA beat off the attacks launched by the Kuomintang army and founded the People’s Republic of China by fighting in the Dabie Mountains and in central China, launching decisive Liaoshen, Huaihai and Pingjin campaigns and crossing the Yangtze River. Here, one can also admire the heroic sacrifices of the revolutionaries and martyrs, as well as the people’s strong support for the revolution. There are also theme displays which represent the PLA’s self-development, the fight in the enemy-occupied areas and the army-people relations during the War of Liberation of China. The exhibition not only illustrates the military history, but also demonstrates the military culture of the period.





  There are over 1,000 cultural relics and more than 300 photographs in this exhibition. All of them were the witnesses to the War of Liberation, and each told an unordinary and moving story. One sees in these exhibits the battlefields thick with fumes of gunpowder and the extremely hard and bitter times during the war. The Exhibition of the War of Liberation of China features a harmonious combination of exhibits and environment by integrating such artistic forms as sculptures, paintings and man-made spectacles with modern sound, lighting and digital technologies. The large set of sculptures “Liberation of China” in the lobby fully demonstrates the PLA’s brave and heroic deeds in liberating China. The large man-made spectacle “Superb Command” is a set of lifelike wax figures of the five CPC secretaries, namely Mao Zedong, Zhu De, Zhou Enlai, Liu Shaoqi and Ren Bishi. The circular wall painting “The Battle of Jinzhou” looks magnificent. The oil paintings like On the Eve of a Decisive Battle, Going to Shaanbei and Attacking and Capturing the Presidential Palace painted by renowned Chinese painters Gao Hong, He Kongde and Chen Yifei recapture the glorious history of the War of Liberation in an artistic manner. On the display counter in the center there are US-made weapons, communication devices and other military objects seized by the PLA during the war. These articles witnessed how the PLA who had only millet and rifles defeated the Kuomintang army well equipped with US weapons.