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Military History journal

  Military History is a journal on the history and development of the Chinese and foreign army. It is run by the Military Museum of the Chinese People’s Revolution, superintended by the Publicity Department of the PLA General Political Department.

  Military History is a 16mo monthly, with a 64-page body, four covers and eight colored inserts.

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  Military History, pilot issue, 1 August 1985

  Military History was originally published in China alone. With approval, the journal began to be published in China and other countries on 18 July 1986. It was published as a bimonthly in 1987.

  The journal underwent changes in the second half of 1990 to feature selected essays and photos on the development of Chinese modern army. The journal is enjoyable, thanks to its artistic design and rich content. More channels for distribution were explored for better publicity and brand popularity. By 1993, tens of thousands of copies of the magazine were in circulation. Military History was changed from a bimonthly journal to a monthly from Issue 1, 1995. The journal body was reduced from 64 pages to 48 pages. Since Issue 1, 2003, the journal has been a 64-page-bodied monthly. With more than two decades’ development, the journal has found a way of sound development with its own characteristics and well adaptable to market.