• Mao on a Conference in the Rectification Movement

    Painters: Ji Xiaoqiu, Chen Yuxian
    Size: 198*141cm
    Year: 1972

  • The Great Wall of Friendship

    Painters: Chi Hui, Li Zhongliang
    Size: 330*180cm
    Year: 1972

  • Gutian Conference

    By He Kongde (1925-2003)
    Size: 290 × 175 cm
    Year of Creation: 1972

  • Marching to Victory

    Painter: Peng Bin
    Size: 360*220cm
    Year: 1972

  • Autumn Harvest Uprising

    Painters: He Kongde, Gao Quan, Ji Xiaoqiu and Chen Yuxian
    Size: 360*220cm
    Year: 1973

  • The Force-joining Bridge at Dawei

    Painter: Gao Hong
    Size: 92*53cm
    Year: 1975

  • The Party’s December Meeting

    By Jin Shangyi (1934- )
    Size: 280 × 200 cm
    Year of Creation: 1977

  • March to Jinggang Mountains

    Painters: Zhao Chiting, Zhao Shuqin and Wang Xiaobai
    Size: 230*160cm
    Year: 1977

  • The People in Shaanbei Welcoming the Red Army

    Painters: Huang Naiyuan, Zhan Beixin
    Size: 330*165cm
    Year: 1977

  • Outside Beiping

    Painter: Qiao Baohua
    Size: 430*178cm
    Year: 1977

  • Heroic Guerrillas in the Green Curtain of Tall Crops

    By Wei Qimei (1923-2009)
    Size: 444 × 244 cm
    Year of Creation: 1977

  • Chairman Mao on Jinggang Mountains

    Painter: Zheng Hongliu
    Size: 348*198cm
    Year: 1977