Exhibition of the CPC-Led Revolutionary Wars

The Exhibition of the CPC-Led Revolutionary Wars features the glorious course and remarkable achievements of the New Democratic Revolution led by the CPC between 1921 and 1949. Following the history of the CPC-led revolutionary wars, the exhibition focuses on the combat history and military history of the people’s army and highlights the military features and the importance of properly handling the relationship among the combat history, Party history and revolutionary history as well as the relationship between the history of people’s army building and combat history. The exhibition covers six exhibition halls, three on the eastern side and three on the western side of F2 of the exhibition building, totaling a space of 6,300 square meters. It features more than 1,200 charts and tables, 2,400 cultural relics, 43 works of art and 94 rolls of calligraphy.


Copyright: The Military Museum of The Chinese People’s Revolution

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