The Exhibition Marking the 90th Founding Anniversary of the PLA

“Building A Strong Army with a Brilliant Tradition: The Exhibition Marking the 90th Founding Anniversary of the PLA” is housed in the west on the first floor. The four exhibition halls occupy an area of 5,000㎡. There are on the exhibition over 1,100 photos and over 1,300 cultural relics. The exhibits are arranged in a one-way route. Visitors enter the hall in the south and exit in the north. The highlights include Joining Forces on the Jinggangshan Mountain, On Protracted War, Victory in Jinzhou, Founding Ceremony of the P.R. China, the Battle of Triangle Hill, Military Maneuver in North China, Flood Fighting in 1998, the PLA to Hong Kong and Macau, Earthquake Relief, Political Work Conference of the PLA, and President Xi presenting the PLA’s flag to newly-established units, plus 61 weapon and equipment models and 22 pieces of individual soldier equipment. The four exhibition zones on the south square total 2,300㎡ in area. Eighteen large equipment of 16 types for ground, naval, air and rocket forces are on display. The exhibition was closed on September 21, 2017.

Copyright: The Military Museum of The Chinese People’s Revolution

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